Mountain 7 and Region 2D superlatives released

July 06, 2021


Mountain 7

Player of the year: Hanna Jo McReynolds, John Battle

Coach of the year: Hannah Cress, John Battle

First team

Pitchers: Hanna Jo McReynolds, John Battle, Jr.; Jillian Sturgill, Central, Jr. and Laci Williams, Ridgeview, Sr.

Catchers: Emily Sturgill, Central, Soph. and Maggie Grant, Ridgeview, Soph.

First base: Baylee Collins, Central, Jr.

Second base: Ally Yeary, Abingdon, Jr.

Third base: Logan Leonard, John Battle, Sr.

Short stop: Sarah Thompson, Gate City, Sr.

Outfielders: Alyssa Kate Wallace, John Battle, Jr.; Maggie Shell, Central, Sr.; Kiersten Quillen, Gate City, Sr. and Addie Gibson, Gate City, Soph.

Flex: Abby Davidson, Gate City, Jr.

Utility: Lauren Woodall, Abingdon, Sr. and Lexi Baker, Central, Soph.

Second team

Pitchers: Bayleigh Allison, Central, Jr.; Kendall Yates, Abingdon, Soph.; Taylor Blevins, Gate City, Sr. and Ava Collingsworth, Union, Fr.

Catcher: Ellie Keene, John Battle, Sr.

First base: Chloe Calton, Lee, Fr.

Second base: Caiti Hill, Ridgeview, Fr. and Logan Singleton, John Battle, Sr.

Third base: Lexi Baker, Central, Soph.

Short stop: Kat Hopkins, Central, Jr. and Braelyn Strouth, Ridgeview, Fr.

Outfielders: Eden Wallace, John Battle, Fr.; Taylor Cochran, Central, Soph.; Brooke Frazier, Ridgeview, Jr.; Brooke Davis, Lee, Sr. and Hannah Mullins, Union, Soph.

Flex: Megan Day, Union, Soph.

Utility: Drew Cox, Lee, Soph.

Honorable mentions:

Ridgeview: McKenna McFall; Union: Addison Toney

Region 2D

Player of the year: Hanna Jo McReynolds, John Battle

Coach of the year: Dennis Price, Lebanon

First team

Pitchers: Hanna Jo McReynolds, John Battle, Jr.; Adrienne Morrison, Lebanon, Sr.; Laci Williams, Ridgeview, Sr. and Jillian Sturgill, Central, Jr.

Catchers: Harley Holmes, Virginia High, Sr. and Emily Sturgill, Central, Soph.

First base: Erica Lamie, Richlands, Soph. and Baylee Collins, Central, Jr.

Second base: Aiden James, Virginia High, Soph. and Caiti Hill, Ridgeview, Sr.

Third base: Rachel Rife, Richlands, Jr. and Logan Leonard, John Battle, Sr.

Short stop: Tatum Dye, Lebanon, Sr. and Sarah Thompson, Gate City, Sr.

Outfielders: Keirsten Quillen, Gate City, Sr.; Maggie Lampkins, Lebanon, Sr.; Alyssa Kate Wallace, John Battle, Jr. and Maggie Shell, Central, Sr.

Flex: Madison Hill, Lebanon, Soph. and Abby Davidson, Gate City, Jr.

Utility: Carrie Patrick, Virginia High, Soph. and Lexi Baker, Central, Soph.

All-purpose: Brooke Nunley, Tazewell, Fr. and Drew Cox, Lee, Soph.

Second team

Pitchers: Erica Lamie, Richlands, Fr. and Elena Williams, Marion, Sr.

Outfielders: Taylor Preston, Marion, Sr.; Chloe Perkins, Richlands, Jr. and Addie Gibson, Gate City, Soph.

At-large: Brook Nunley, Tazewell, Fr. and Drew Cox, Lee, Soph.


Region 2D

Player of the year: Preston Steele, Lebanon

Pitcher of the year: Matthew Buchanan, Lebanon

Coach of the year: “Doc” Adams, Lebanon

First team

Pitchers: Matthew Buchanan, Lebanon; Jake Taylor, Gate City; Isaac Berry, Virginia High and Ben Brickey Central

Catchers: Bryson Almany, John Battle

First base: Carter Babb, Gate City and Colin Richardson, Richlands

Second base: Anthony Houchins, Lebanon

Third base: John Davis, Tazewell and John Mulumba, Virginia High

Short stop: Preston Steele, Lebanon and Zach Smith, John Battle

Outfielders: Matthew Buchanan, Lebanon; Jake Altizer, Richlands; Carson Jenkins, Gate City and Isaac Vincent, Gate City

Designated hitters: Ethan Mullins, Central and Brady Thomas, Marion

All-purpose: Jake Taylor, Gate City and Seth Buchanan, Lebanon

Second team

Pitchers: Seth Buchanan, Lebanon; Noah Sills, John Battle; Cole Hartsock, Virginia High; Peyton Woodard, Lee and Evan Stanley, Central

Catchers: Hunter Hertig, Lebanon and Bryson McCall, Tazewell

First base: Brody Taylor, Marion and Peyton Woodard, Lee

Second base: Preston Joyner, Central

Third base: Jamir Blevins, Graham

Short stop: Dalton Taylor, Virginia High and Ryan Jessee, Gate City

Outfielders: Logan Smith, Central; Jonathan Blanken, Lee; Zach Hertig, Lebanon; Jacob Hutton, John Battle; Ethan Blanken, Lee and Caleb O’Neil, Tazewell

Designated hitters: Ryan Mix, John Battle and Gavin Cox, Richlands

All-purpose: Brody Jones, Virginia High, Matt Sarver, Graham and Bowen Tanter, Richlands


Mountain 7

Player of the year: Luke Reed, Gate City

Coach of the year: Aaron Hillman, Gate City

First team

Forwards: David Edwards, Gate City; Ashar Khan, Central; Tyler Rogers, Abingdon; Juvenski Hippolite-Jean, John Battle

Midfielders: Daniel Mann, Gate City; James Whitted, Abingdon; Lucas Coffey, Central; Chase Ratliff, John Battle

Defenders: Preston Babb, Gate City; Hayden Oyos, Abingdon; Ales Jenkins, John Battle; Noah Ratliff, John Battle

Goalkeeper: Luke Reed, Gate City

At-large: Ethan Smith, Ridgeview; Corbyn Jenkins, Union; Jake Orr, Central

Second team

Forwards: Chase Martin, John Battle; Ricky Onate, Central; Brayden Wharton, Union and Isaac Greear, Ridgeview

Midfielders: Pickett Johnson, Abingdon; Aaron Williams, Lee; Luke Stokes, Gate City and Camden Orr, Central

Defenders: Ethan Dishner, Gate City; Koby Crist, Union, Ian Hartsock, Ridgeview and Zavier Lomax, Union

Goalkeeper: Malachi Jenkins, Union

At-large: Brett Stone, Abingdon; Kashu Mullins, Ridgeview; Caleb Denton, Abingdon and Jacob Hartsock, Gate City

Honorable mentions:

Carson Ray, Union; Alex Rasnick, Union; Nathan Wells, Central; Alex Dotson, Central; Lucas Cress, Ridgeview; Isaiah Justice, Ridgeview; Colton Younce, Ridgeview; Rylan Krepps, Abingdon; Isaac Robbins, Abingdon; Justin Lacombe, Abingdon; Peyton Vestal, Abingdon; Caleb Bolling, Gate City; Pacey Gilliam, Gate City; Jacob Roper, Gate City; Braden Miller, Gate City; Caiden Poole, Gate City; Daniel Mullins, John Battle; Ben Hardoby, John Battle; William Monk, John Battle; Evan Roberts, John Battle; Torbin Chambers, John Battle; Weston Kiser, John Battle; Isaiah Dotson, Lee; Grayson Huff, Lee

Region 2D

Player of the year: Ben Morgan, Graham

Coach of the year: George Aiello, Graham

First team

Forwards: Ben Morgan, Graham; David Edwards, Gate City; Ethan Shreve, Richlands, Titus Hannula, Marion; Prince Poku, Virginia High

Midfielders: Carter Nipper, Graham; Daniel Mann, Gate City, Patrick Poku, Virginia High; Lucas Coffey, Central and Corbyn Jenkins, Union

Defenders: Brayden Surface, Graham; Preston Babb, Gate City; T.J. Short, Richlands; Jacob Mullins, Tazewell and Colton Braxton, Lebanon

Goalkeepers: Nick Knowles, Graham and Luke Reed, Gate City

Second team

Forwards: Ashar Khan, Central; Juvenski Hippolite-Jean, John Battle; Chase Martin, John Battle; Zach Dales, Graham and Ethan Smith, Ridgeview

Midfielders: Corbin Singleton, Richlands; Chase Ratliff, John Battle; Tanner Wimmer, Tazewell; Aaron Williams, Lee and Tommy Burkett, Marion

Defenders: Alex Jenkins, John Battle; Noah Ratliff, John Battle; Ethan Dishner, Gate City; Royal Washington, Virginia High and Jake Orr, Central


Mountain 7

Class 2 player of the year: Taylor Wallace, John Battle

Class 3 player of the year: Ella Seymore, Abingdon

Class 2 coach of the year: Colleen Shirey, John Battle

Class 3 coach of the year: Jordan Blackson, Abingdon

First team

Forwards: Olivia Webb, Central; Emma Hemphill, Union; Sarah Rice, John Battle; Isabella Sturgill, Central and Riley Cvetkovski, Abingdon

Midfielders: Taylor Wallace, John Battle; Ella Seymore, Abingdon; Lauren Mulkey, Central; Kylie Reid, Abingdon and Ali Steudemann, Central

Defenders: Chloe Turman, Abingdon; Alexandra Rogers, Central; Sandi Jones, John Battle and Katie Kiser, Central

Goalkeeper: Brooklyn Smith, Gate City

Second team

Forwards: Isabella Blagg, Union; Eliza Burcher, Abingdon and Sydney Simpson, Lee

Midfielders: Gracy McKinney, Union; Claire Booher, John Battle; Abigail Edwards, Lee; Gracie Gibson, Union and Geanette Boggs, Central

Defenders: Shay Henderson, Union; Gracie Sage, Lee; Layla Hillman, Gate City; Cheyenne Bowey, Gate City

Goalkeeper: Macie Ratliff, John Battle

Honorable mentions:

Forwards: Rebekah Reid, Gate City and Ava Boltwood, Abingdon

Midfielders: Reagan Crawford, Gate City; Katie Hammonds, Lee; Chloe Young, Lee and Leah Newberry, Ridgeview

Defenders: Emily Thompson, Gate City and Destiny Surrat, Ridgeview

Goalkeeper: Reagan Cox, Abingdon

Region 2D

Player of the year: Maria Wilson, Virginia High, Jr.

First team

Forwards: Maci McBride, Graham, Sr.; Adie Ratcliffe, Virginia High, Jr.; Olivia Webb, Central, Soph.; Emma Hemphill, Union, Soph. and Sarah Rice, John Battle, Sr.

Midfielders: Maria Wilson, Virginia High, Jr.; Taylor Wallace, John Battle, Soph.; Mary Katherinie Wilson, Virginia High, Fr.; Ashley Cline, Graham, Sr. and Lauren Mulkey, Central, Sr.

Defenders: Kelly Locke, Virginia High, Sr.; Alexandra Rogers, Central, Jr.; Caleigh Hampton, Virginia High, Jr.; Sydney Lester, Graham, Soph and Sandi Jones, John Battle, Fr.

Goalkeepers: Addison Hurst, Richlands, Sr. and Brooklyn Smith, Gate City, Sr.

All-region at-large: Isabella Sturgill, Central, Jr.; Carissa Johnson, Lebanon, Sr. and Amber Kimberlin, Marion, Jr.

Second team

Forwards: Addy-Lane Queen, Richlands, Soph.; Lalla Dagout, Tazewell, Sr.; Grace Mullins, Gate City, Sr. and Isabella Blagg, Union, Soph.

Midfielders: Autumn Rosas, Marion, Sr.; Ali Steudemann, Central, Sr.; Gracy McKinney, Union, Soph. and Claire Booher, John Battle, Fr.

Defenders: Reagan Burtchett, Marion, Fr.; Katie Kiser, Central, Sr.; Bristyn Holder, Gate City, Jr. and Shay Henderson, Union, Soph.

All-region at-large: Jenna Plumley, Richlands, Sr.


Mountain 7

Players of the year: Dillon McReynolds, Abingdon and Quintin Smith, Gate City

Coach of the year: David Swiney, Abingdon

First team

Dillon McReynolds, Abingdon

Tristan Hicks, Abingdon

Carter Hylton, Abingdon

Nicholas McReynolds, Abingdon

Quintin Smith, Gate City

Gabe Brown, Ridgeview

Dylan Grubb, Union

Jaxon Collier, Lee

Colton Culbertson, Central

Peyton Mumpower, John Battle

Collin Davidson, John Battle

Briggs Crabtree, John Battle

Nathan Spurling, John Battle

Connor Davidson, John Battle

Josh Richardson, John Battle


Mountain 7

Lauren Wimmer, Abingdon, Fr., 6-0 record

Amelia Jennings, Gate City, Sr., 5-1 record

Hannah McAmis, Central, Sr., 4-2 record

Haley Collins, Ridgeview, Jr., 3-3 record

Lauren Goodman, Abingdon, Sr., 6-0 record

Tellie Stafford, Central, Sr., 5-1 record

Macy Dishner, Gate City, Sr., 4-2 record

Kally Hughes, Central, Sr., 6-0 record

Sydney Linkous, Central, Sr., 6-0 record

Jaida Meade, Central, Soph., 6-0 record

Abby Duncan, Central, Sr., 6-0 record

Audrey Williams, Gate City, Jr., 4-2 record

Kylee Honeycutt, Lee, Jr., 3-3 record