Virtual Miss Fall Fling fundraiser for PAWS

August 27, 2020

Coalfield Progress Homespun

The 2020 Miss Wise Fall Fling will be held virtually for 2020.  This is a fundraiser for PAWS of Southwest Virginia so we elected to have the pageant virtually instead of cancelling. This year, Young and Baby contestants can submit up to three photos. Miss, Teen, and Pre-Teen contestants can submit three photos and a short video. Photos can be snapshot or professional. No dress is required!

The entry fee is $35 and is donated in its entirety to PAWS of Southwest Virginia. All contestants will receive a custom sash, tiara, and trophy. Division winners will receive a large crown, custom sash, trophy, and $100 registration fee paid to the Amerifest Festival Pageants held next Summer. Prizes can be mailed or can be picked up at the Glass Slipper downtown Norton. The Glass Slipper is also selling the Miss Wise Fall Fling T-shirts for a donation of $10 each. Age Divisions for Boys: 0-11 months; 12-23 months; and 2-3 years. Beautiful Baby Divisions for girls: 0-5 months; 6-11 months; 12-17 months; 18-23 months; 24-29 months; 30-35 months. Young Miss Divisions: 3 years; 4 years; 5 years; 6 years; 7 years; 8 years; 9 years; and 10 years. Pre-Teen Miss Wise Fall Fling: 11-13 years; Teen Miss Wise Fall Fling: 14-16 years; and Miss Wise Fall Fling:17-24 years.

Apply online to compete: