A tribute to Angel Annie

May 07, 2020

Anna “Annie” Buchanan Milburn is Pound’s Angel. She has never forgotten her hometown.

Although Annie lives some 250 miles away in Edgewood, KY, she continues to keep in touch with what is happening in Pound. She’s an avid subscriber to the Coalfield Progress. Several years ago she read an article about Bill Gilliam’s memory wall project to spruce up our town. With that article in the Coalfield Progress, we can say “the rest is history”.

Annie’s correspondence with Bill Gilliam led to many of her generous monetary donations. After learning about the Historical Society’s needs, Annie quickly stepped up to help with improvements at the Society’s donated building on Main Street. A safe and newly paved parking lot, renovation of the historic footbridge behind the building and the construction of the wall along Main Street are some of the projects accomplished because of Angel Annie.

The town’s people were graced with a visit from Angel Annie in August 2019. Scores of people attended the “Meet and Greet” to thank her for her generosity. Another visit was planned by Annie this spring but the COVID-19 pandemic has put those plans on hold.

Annie’s roots grow deep in Pound. Her parents, Homer and Dollie Boggs Buchanan, lived and reared their family in Shockey Hollow. Annie graduated from Christopher Gist High School. Her mother Dollie was an avid and gifted quilter. When astronaut, and later Senator, John Glenn made his momentous walk on the moon, Dollie presented him with her beautifully designed and hand-quilted Friendship 7 quilt. That work of art is now housed in the archives of the John Glenn Library at Ohio State. Pound residents Bill and Pam Gilliam and Margaret Sturgill accompanied Annie in October 2019 to see, touch and photograph that amazing quilt. A photographed replica of the quilt now hangs on the wall near the Historical Society building on Main Street in Pound.

Earlier in September 2019 Bill Gilliam and his friend Finley Jackson attended Annie’s birthday bash. When Elvis appeared to croon and entertain the large crowd of guests, we hear that Annie and Bill kept the dance floor hot. Well, in fact, we know they did because some of us have watched the video.

Our community has been blessed with Anna Buchanan Milburn’s generosity. In addition to the projects on Main Street, Annie helped with the purchase of tricycles for the Jackie Gilliam Children’s Park at the town hall. Most recently, Annie has donated thousands of dollars to the Pound branch of the Wise County Food Bank.

Angel Annie, the Historical Society of the Pound, on behalf of people of all ages in your hometown, is sending our love and our gratitude for your kindness and generosity. We are so glad that you were born and reared in Pound and that you have never forgotten us. Some amazing things have been accomplished because you care.

Provided by Margaret Sturgill, Historical Society of the Pound.