Spring sports senior profiles, an ongoing series

by Kelley Pearson, Sports Editor

With the spring sports season in question, we here at the Coalfield Progress/Dickenson Star/Big Stone Gap Post hope to run a profile on each and every senior in the paper. Our intention is to give them and their families something to feel happy about in a time of such uncertainty. This will be an ongoing series with different students featured each week.

Eastside baseball’s Landon Trent

Seventeen-year-old Landon Trent used to play football and basketball, but has devoted his high school career to baseball.

Trent will not be continuing his sports career in college. He is unsure which college he will be attending, but intends to go into the medical field.

Trent is disappointed that his high school experience ended on such a sour note, but he is trying to remain optimistic.

“I’m staying positive and remembering that other people have bigger problems than I do,” Trent said. “I wish it could have been different, but I’m grateful for the opportunities that I’ve had to improve myself over the last four years.”

To his teammates and coaches, Trent says: “It’s been a pleasure playing with you all. Go out there next year and win another district championship. Much love to all my coaches and teammates.”

Central tennis’s Brody Allison

Brody Allison, 18, has played many sports growing up, but in high school, he has focused his time on basketball and tennis.

Allison does not intend to continue his athletic career in college. He will be attending UVA Wise and will work toward a degree in business.

Allison was taken aback when he learned that the rest of the year had been cancelled, but has remained focus on his tasks at hand.

“I feel a little shocked by the whole situation,” Allison said. “With school being cancelled and maybe even sports, I’ve just kept strong and done what I needed to do in my time off.”

Allison’s message to his teammates is one of heritage.

“It’s been a pleasure playing with everyone through the years. To all the seniors, good luck in your life outside of high school and to the returning players come out next year and keep the legacy going,” Allison said.

J.I. Burton softball and track’s Akyssa Hollinger

Akyssa Hollinger has spent most of her 18 years playing sports non-stop. She has played basketball, volleyball, run track and participated in gymnastics.

“Sports has always been my happy place and it lets me express who I am,” Hollinger said.

Hollinger has opted not to continue her sports career after high school because she wants to focus on college. She will be attending East Tennessee State University to major in sports medicine.

Hollinger is still struggling to comprehend the loss of part of her senior year.

“I understand that a lot of things happen for a reason, but this particular reason has changed a lot of lives tremendously, especially many seniors,” Hollinger said. “Receiving the news that the school year was ending a few weeks ago brought tears to my eyes and I just didn’t know how to react.”

Hollinger calls high school has been the best time of her life and is hoping to be able to get back on the field and track one last time.

Hollinger imparts a message of love and hope to her teammates.

“I have enjoyed the years and times playing with my teammates,” Hollinger said. “Each and everyone of those girls have so much potential it is unreal. There is plenty of talent on and off the field. I believe that your futures are very bright. I love each and everyone of you and hope you enjoy high school to the fullest. You will never know when it will come to an end. Thank you John I. Burton!”