NOTICE Change to Wise County's FY 2022- 2023 budget

November 17, 2022


The Wise County Board of Supervisors will hold a public hearing on Thursday, December 8, 2022 at 6:00pm in the School Board Education Center located on Lake Street in Wise for the purpose of receiving public comments on a change to Wise County's FY 2022- 2023 budget in the amount of approximately $5,243,743, which is an amount greater than 1% of the adopted Wise County FY 2022-2023 budget, Approximately $210,000 of this increase is due to increased funding for Fire & Rescue, $4,886,464 related to grants received for SRO funding, Pound Interceptor, Family Crisis Support, Broadband, Starlink project, Demolition project, and the remainder for various other misc. grants and projects.

Michael W. Hatfield

County Administrator